Occasions are a important part of our life they help us to remember about the importance of festivals on our life and what they mean to us. Festivals are generally celebrated for some particular reason that can be mythological or an happening that made the people of that region/religion happier. Occasional quotes play the role of ‘cherry on the cake’ as the power of those words which are written by some of the great scholars. The power of words is phenomenal as it motivates many of the people to celebrate festivals and feel the power of being part of it. Even with the changing trend of fashion and living and trend of wishing our fellow beloved one’s has changed, People often use quotes in order to wish each other in a unique way and further adding on by motivating each other.

To me luxury is to be at home with my daughter, and the occasional massage doesn’t hurt. Olivia Newton-John

Occasion play a huge role in life, admit it or not but the we all have at least a single memory of ours which we will remember till our last breath. That urge to celebrate the New years eve, Eid, diwali all of these festival create a sense of excitement towards the people of different society, thousands of occasion quotes are shared among people through out the world as these special words have some great powers within themselves and to get motivating and touchy occasional quote.

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